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~ With Passion, Experience, Creativity we have the perfect formula ~

There are catering companies and then there’s Kidderminster Catering. Catering your event is more than just supplying the food and the service. It’s sharing your passion with a belief in the quality of our food as well as being individual and specific to you.
Kidderminster Catering is headed up by Victoria Cullen, Creative Chef and catering master. Our mission is to rise above other catering companies by providing a personal and attentive catering service that delivers on its promises. With a visionary and proactive approach to any event, Kidderminster Catering is a trend setter, not a follower amongst catering companies

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Business Hours

Mon- Fri : 7am – 11am (Breakfast)

Mon- Fri : 11am – 8pm (Lunch/Dinner)

Saturday 8am – 12pm (Breakfast)

Saturday 12pm – 4pm (Lunch)

Reach Us

Kidderminster catering uk

07714 307 418

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we accept all major bank cards

Get in Touch

It's easy to order with us. You can place your order using our online contact form 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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